Dangerous Zone


by Eutopia Ensemble
Conductor: Matteo Manzitti

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Successful as part of the prestigious festival “Le strade del suono” in Genoa, the Ensemble Utopia now enjoys an international echo for collaborations and performative quality. His avant-garde chamber music repertoire has always distinguished itself for the careful selection of compositional styles (Reich, Berio, Grisey, Maxwell Davies, Boulez, Romitelli etc), but in this work, the choice also concerns a symbolic will of a political and social nature. The perspective is to return an unusual image of contemporary music; a horizon in which its most cryptic and radical language can also result in pieces of historical memories, with more narrative and popular hues. Thus, like bent and dissonant strings can refer to the shady sense of oblivion, stubborn percussive timbres and devious instrumental plots become the emblem of suffering and personal calvary. But in Dangerous Zone, the evocative and involving power of the voice plays an essential role. It’s an unconventional soprano, which manages to dilate the tradition of lieder in enigmatic hisses (Larcher’s The Illness Is the Medicine I Need ), to engrave ethereal architectural lines (Berio’s O King), to capture the typical catharsis of the most passionate soul-jazz in the famous Rzewski’s Coming Together.

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