Northern Lights


Daniele Richiedei [Violin]



From his first work for solo violin, Daniele Richiedei clearly reveals visibly heterodox coordinates. His music lives of a throbbing tension between European Nordic folklore and contemporary chamber music. In this way, Northern Lights is conceived as an ideal fresco of a landscape that is not only musical, but also physical and naturalistic, made with an impressionistic touch by the bow. The frame is a suite of different fragments that unfold between quotations and gradual modulations. The improvised transformations of the sound material are strongly inspired by the deep roots of Scandinavia, with some heartfelt tributes to the most ancestral Norwegian tradition of hardanger. Exploiting the intimate recollection and the acoustic purity of a church, the violin becomes so nomadic and unpredictable. His sound fluctuates between melodic tunes reinterpreted with epic and solemn emphasis, more abstract and visionary digressions and distortions, more rarefied and nocturnal atmospheres. The general tone suggests a precise hybrid poetry that can also refer to artists like Nils Økland, Paul Giger, Christian Wallumrød, Lena Willemark or Gjermund Larsen.

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