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…concert for acoustic instruments and a resonant gym

Marco Dalpane [piano, toy piano, accordion, woodblocks]

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An unique acoustic space offered me the hint to investigate the nature of sound in space. Movement, refraction times, reverberation, timbre, sound masses, points, surfaces, textures, flows.
A journey suggested directly by the nature of the sound: the discovery of a sound – echo system in dynamic balance.
No effects were used. All reverberations were natural. Five microphones
located at a variable distance from the instruments did the recording. Mix aimed to perceive the complexity of listening alive.
During the performance, the audience was actually invited to move freely in the gym, in order to grasp the endless modifications of sound within the space: footsteps, little creaks and accidental sounds
are produced by this.
Please turn up the volume enough to seize the natural reverberation
of sound.

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all compositions by Marco Dalpane
live rec 24/11/2011 palestra della scuola elementare Romagnoli, via Panzini 3, Bologna (Italy)
recorded mixed mastered by Riccardo Nanni
produced by Riccardo Nanni & Marco Dalpane
thanks to Laminarie
artwork Vanni Spazzoli – courtesy L’Ariete Artecontemporanea
design Valentina Nanni



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